Who am I?

I’m Anna, a new mom who lives in LA, teaches high school humanities part time, manages life with chronic illness, and seeks to live moderately and with a sense of humor. My house is messy; my life is full of beauty. Now you know the plot!

About my chronic illness:

I was diagnosed with severe seronegative rheumatoid arthritis when I was twenty-two. I probably could have qualified for a diagnosis earlier than that since I started having serious joint pain in my freshman year of college, but I suffered for a few years under the care of a network of incompetent doctors. I had a few pretty good years of treatment on steroids, DMARDs, and biologic drugs after I was diagnosed. When I decided to try and have a baby last year, I had to stop all medications except for steroids and NSAIDs, and I’ve been in a mild-moderate flare-up ever since. Kind of hate to say it, but I’m looking forward to the day my son stops nursing so that I can resume treatment. It is what is is, you know? Life with chronic illness involves a lot of compromises. For now, I’m living with medication-induced Cushing’s syndrome so that he can hopefully make it to a year of nursing.

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