April Check-in, May Goals

Hey hey hey, we made it to May! This little blog is a two-month old! Time for a quick check-in.

So here were my sad 🙁 stats from March:

  • 31 website sessions
  • 13 Pinterest followers
  • 75 Pinterest saves

And here are the quantitative goals I set for April:

  • 100 website sessions.
  • 35 Pinterest followers
  • 500 Pinterest engagements (about double my count for March)
  • Join at least 3 Pinterest groups.
  • 1 Affiliate sale. I theoretically made $0.65 from clicks through Shopstyle Collective in March (won’t be paid until I hit the $100 threshold, so it’ll be a while), but I hadn’t seen any clicks convert to sales for Amazon or Shopstyle.

Reasonable, but still requiring some work. How did I do?

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April Report:

  • 391 sessions
  • 54 Pinterest followers (but 58,000 monthly viewers!)
  • 1700 Pinterest engagements
  • Member of 9 Pinterest group boards
  • 4 *theoretical* affiliate sales (they haven’t shipped yet, so I don’t know what I’ve earned yet)

Let’s break this down a bit.



Hooray! I had a couple of pins gain some traction this month, some of which received over 14,000 impressions. This drove some good traffic to my site. My best day saw 65 users and 73 sessions, but I’m averaging more like 20 users per day. I credit involvement in Facebook blogger support groups with a good chunk of traffic. When I’m more involved on Facebook, my traffic noticeably increases.


I exceeded all of my goals for Pinterest this month, but I’ve seen a frustrating plateau over the last week as Pinterest updated profiles and their algorithm. I’ve learned some new tips that I’m hoping to implement this month to see if I can get the algorithm on my side again. I’d like more followers, though I know that Pinterest is actively reducing the importance of follower counts. Still, it’d be nice to have subscribers so that I wouldn’t have to depend so much on the algorithm and smart feed.

I’m working to figure out how to increase clicks. I noticed some of my pins get great engagement numbers, but few of those engagements are clicks, which means they aren’t translating into traffic. It’s clear from my analytics that my chronic illness and mental health posts seem to have the most traction, which tells me that I should bend my focus back a little more toward my core interests.

I’m going to continue looking for more group boards to join, especially ones that are niche-specific.


Technically I made $0.55 from Shopstyle Collective this month, which is actually 10 cents less than last month. Go figure. Continuing to produce affiliate pins and hoping views and clicks will eventually begin to accrue.

I also technically (probably) made $0.08 from Adsense this month. Par-tay. I won’t see any money from Shopstyle or Adsense for a loooong time, unless something changes drastically. The payout for both programs is $100.

I’m excited about my first Amazon affiliate sales! All four sales were for items I recommended and linked to here in various posts, so I’m thrilled someone else gets to enjoy products that I truly love and believe in. I’ll update this part of the post when I find out what my commission is.

Qualitative Goals Review

Here’s a review of the Qualitative Goals I set for March:

  • Keep posting at least twice per week (yep)
  • Up my Pinterest game. I’m seriously contemplating investing in Pinterest Ninja to get some help with this. It looks affordable and helpful. (I consider it upped-ish. I haven’t made the leap yet on any Pinterest or blog strategy books, guides, or courses, but I’m still considering it.)
  • Improve site usability (especially mobile) (Done-ish. Still need to fix my mobile blog header.)
  • Improve ad placement and quality. (Done, although it’s something I’m frequently adjusting, too.)
  • Research and implement strategies for improving click-throughs (worked sufficiently, but still needs improvement)
  • Connect with more bloggers through Facebook and blog comments (YEP! This has been great! Bloggers are awesome.)

May goals


  • 1000 website sessions (ambitious!)
  • 150 Pinterest followers (Follow me!)
  • 5000 Pinterest engagements
  • Additional affiliate sales
  • 50 Twitter followers (what! I started a Twitter last month, too. Follow me!)


  • Keep posting 2 posts a week
  • Produce high quality content that helps people solve a problem
  • Keep working hard at learning Pinterest, but also look at other ways of increasing traffic
  • Leave more comments on other people’s blogs
  • Connect with more chronic illness/mental illness bloggers (I’m connecting with lots of mom bloggers an lifestyle bloggers at the moment)
  • Participate in a link-up

Woo, here’s to May!




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