Fab Friday: Cute Cactus Roundup!

A Cute Cactus Roundup! Cactus accessories, clothes, home decor, and baby stuff. Browse, enjoy, and show your cactus love!

Fab Friday is late this week again because I’ve had a bit of a tough week, but the weekend is here, and so is this cute cactus roundup post!

It’s safe to say that cacti (or cactuses, if you must) have been having a moment in fashion and home decor. And why not?! They’re cute, colorful, and visually interesting. Plus they have that whole “don’t touch me” introvert vibe that I can really get behind.

My love for the cactus has been rooted firmly for quite some time. Heck, I even had a cactus-themed baby shower last year:

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ThriverMom's Cactus themed baby shower > Thriverguide.com


Ever since then, I’ve been seeing them more and more on t-shirts, bed sheets, mugs—you name it. Am I sick of it yet? NOPE!

So this week’s Fab Friday is a roundup of all the best and cutest cactus-themed stuff I could find. Browse, enjoy, and proclaim your cactus love!

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1. Cute Cactus Backpack

This cactus backpack is adorable perfection, plus it has thoughtful pockets and organization inside. (And if flamingos happen to be more your thing, they have that, too!)

2. Cute Cactus Backpack Purse

This one is like the first backpack’s edgy little sister: effortlessly cool.

3. Cute Cactus Bedding Duvet Cover

This watercolor cactus and succulent bedding set is so lovely! (If you’re looking for something a little weirder but still wonderful, this llama and cactus set might be up your alley!)

4. Cute Cactus Planner

Look at this cutie! There’s actually a whole bunch of really cute cactus/succulent planners out there. And cactus bullet journals. So many options!!

5. Cute Cactus Clothing

So so cool for summer!

6. Cute Cactus Baby Stuff


Girl cactus onesie with ruffle sleeves!

Unisex black and white cactus onesie!

Saguaro Cactus Swaddle! (Click through for a much better picture of how cute this really is! The link image above doesn’t do it justice.)

Cactus Teethers! These are so great and chewy and nubby.

7. Cute Cactus Pool Float

WHAT, HELLO SUMMER. You’ll find me in the pool.

8. Cute Cactus Wallpaper

So Many Great Options!

9. Cute Cactus Earrings

Petite sterling silver beauties!


Bonus: Even more cactus cuteness for your home!

That’s the end of our cute cactus roundup! I hope you all are having a great weekend!


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A Cute Cactus Roundup! Cactus accessories, clothes, home decor, and baby stuff. Browse, enjoy, and show your cactus love!


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      Thanks, Jen! I just checked out your blog, by the way, and it’s gorgeous and awesome. I’ve never come across a FA blog before—you must be the queen of travel trips!

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      Oh man, those teethers! I first saw them at a museum gift shop of all places. I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so I tracked them down online. So cute!

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