Fab Friday: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

We have a very special post today, as today’s post marks ThriverDad’s first guest post here on the blog! YAY! I asked him if he’d be willing to come up with some awesome Father’s Day gift ideas since he’s a new dad and is also a cool person who finds cool things on the internet all the time. And he found some awesome stuff! Without further ado:

7 Unconventional Father's Day Gift Ideas. These would be great gift ideas from an adult.

7 Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Way Better Than a Tie, Novelty Mug, or Grilling Gear

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Here’s ThriverDad with ThriverBabe:


ThriverDad with ThriverBabe on our first family vacation.


And here are ThriverDad’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas, in his own words!



1. Nintendo Switch

The Switch! Want to play video games, but they need to be child friendly? Need to be able to pause a game on a moment’s notice to help with diaper duty? The Switch is Nintendo’s latest and greatest!

2. USB Wall Charger

Does Dad find himself with more charging cords than ports in which to plug them? A wall to USB charger can change that! Make him the king of power cords, if not the king of the castle itself!

3. A Really Great Pen

Check out the Pilot Vanishing Point Retractable Fountain Pen! Is your favorite father in need of a slick writing tool to complement his daily suit? The Pilot Vanishing Point is a retractable, no-mess fountain pen that will have his office-mates drooling.

4. A Watch He’ll Love to Wear

A Nixon watch! Sometimes time is on your side. Sometimes it’s at your side. Either way, a good watch goes a long way. And this one comes in over 20 variations of color, strap, and metal!

5. His Favorite Childhood Cartoon

His favorite cartoon from his childhood! There’s nothing like kicking back with the kids for some old-timey nostalgia and sugary cereal!

6. A Great Knife

A Benchmade Griptilian! A good, sharp knife is every father’s best-friend. Opening boxes? Easy! Removing splinters? Done! Sharing one item of food? Now it’s two!

7. An Oriole Feeder

Or if you’re me, you’ll get your father the fruit-serving birdfeeder he wants. Because who doesn’t want to sit in the backyard and watch our local feathered friends munch down some oranges? [Note from ThriverMom: My dad has a few oriole feeders as well, though his are more like this, and he has successfully enticed orioles into his yard year after year, so there you go! An unconventional but apparently great dad gift.]


Thanks, Love! I wouldn’t have come up with most of these on my own, so I appreciate the insight! I also, like, mega appreciate you as a husband and father to our son. (How did I get so lucky?) Looking forward to celebrating your second Father’s Day with you!


How about you guys? Did you find anything on the list inspiring? I always find it hard to shop for my dad, but this has gotten my creative juices flowing!


Have a great (long!) weekend!




P.S. Nothing against ties, mugs, or grill stuff (in fact, ThriverDad’s dad will be getting a grilling tool in addition to the bird feeder!)—our gift philosophy is just that personal is always better than generic, and for some reason these tend to be frequent fall-back gift ideas for dads. If the dad you have in mind delights in fine neckwear, has a propensity to break or lose coffee mugs, or spends his evening hours during the week looking up recipes to try out on the grill over the weekend (that’s ThriverDad’s dad!), these could also make awesome gifts. 🙂


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