Fab Friday: Gorgeous Gold Planters to Help You Green Up Your Space

Happy Fab Friday, everyone! I’ve been looking for something to replace the old wall calendar that hangs next to my bed, and yesterday I came across the most gorgeous gold pocket planters. They’re practically made for the space, and they got me feeling all excited about incorporating some more greenery into our bright, east-facing bedroom.

(Do you ever get the urge to buy more houseplants in the spring? I feel like I do every year, but then I manage to kill all except the succulents and cacti by summertime. I think I’ll start with succulents and cacti this year and let the other houseplants enjoy long and happy lives elsewhere.)

Anyway, problem-solving that corner of my room got me searching for more cute pots and planters, and before I knew it, this week’s Fab Friday roundup was born!

Fab Friday: Gorgeous Gold Planters to Help You Green Up Your Space

15 Gorgeous Gold Planters to Help Bring a Little Green into Your Space. #homedecor


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Hanging/Wall Planters

1. This little hanging planter is sweet and petite—a perfect home for some happy little succulents.


2. These beauties are made specially for air plants, which require no soil.


3. This gorgeous wall planter inspired this whole roundup and is perfect for the space by my bed. I plan to save my pennies this month for it! Isn’t it glorious?


4. Aw, look at these little cuties! Affordable and adorable.


5. Why should triangles have all the fun? Give hexagons a chance!


Desk/Table Planters

6. See, hexagons are cool.


7. People seem to be really into the suspended plant stand concept right now, and I am digging it.


8. You knew there had to be a terrarium on this list, right? So pretty!


9. This tiny, shiny planter cup is sweet and great for a small space that needs a little green.


10. This little ceramic planter cup would make a perfect windowsill home for a small cactus or succulent.


11. I love that this set of three concrete planters makes an easy, instant, cohesive collection.


12. Same with these three concrete beauties!


13. Black thumb? This adorable pineapple planter is for you! It comes complete with the artificial plant shown in the picture. Some reviewers successfully replaced the artificial plant with a real one, too. And if gold isn’t your style, this one comes in several different colors!


Floor Planters

14. This plant stand would make for a lovely collection.


15. If you’re the “go big or go home” type, then this one’s for you! The perfect pot for your Palmera, Fiddle-Leaf Fig, or other indoor tree.

Bonus: If you need something to fill these planters with, Amazon recently launched their Plants, Seeds, and Bulbs store (awesome, right??)! They have tons of succulents, cacti, and air plants as well as some great plants that help improve air quality in your home.


Enjoy, and I hope you have a lovely weekend!




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    Gold accents and plants are 2 of my current obsessions and here you have brought them together for me! I can’t wait to get some of these!

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