Fab Friday: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey-hey, Mother’s Day is coming up! Do you know what to get for your mom to celebrate her? Today I’ve gathered up some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that won’t break the bank. (I know what you’re thinking: Fab Friday? It’s Sunday! Sorry! I went on a surprise vacation Thursday and Friday and missed my normal Friday posting. So happy Fab Friday a few days late!)

Mother’s Day 2018 will be my first Mother’s Day with my baby outside the womb, so this is kind of my Mother’s Day wishlist, too! The perfect Mother’s Day gifts for me would be things that are both beautiful and that I will actually use, so we’ll start there. Beyond that, I decided to break these ideas down into the five senses as a framework.

Oh! Also, I wanted to make sure everything here is affordable, which for me means keeping everything under $30. So here you go—15 Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love That Won’t Break the Bank.

2018 Gift Guide: 15 Mother's Day Gifts Your Mom Will Love That Won't Break the Bank >> Thriverguide.com

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Scents

These candles are lovely, and they come in a set of four (jasmine, vanilla, lavender, and rose). Pretty to look at and pretty to smell, so that’s a win for me!


These fragrances are affordable, easy to wear, and have a bit of a cult following. My mom would love the more floral scents, but I’d go for the fresher, spicier, and more water-based scents.

Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette by Outremer, formerly L’Aromarine (50ml Spray) • L’Aromarine • $20
Atlantis Eau de Toilette by Outremer, formerly L’Aromarine (3.3oz Spray) • L’Aromarine • $22
The (Tea) Eau de Toilette by Outremer, formerly L’Aromarine (50ml Spray) • L’Aromarine • $20
Fleurs Blanches Eau de Toilette by Outremer, formerly L’Aromarine (3.3oz Spray) • L’Aromarine • $22
Oceane Eau de Toilette by Outremer, formerly L’Aromarine (50ml Spray) • L’Aromarine • $20

Is your mom into essential oils like mine is? This essential oil diffusing amazonite and lava stone necklace/bracelet is what I am planning to get my mom for Mother’s Day this year. (Shhh… don’t tell her.)

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Sights

This gorgeous rose gold created-opal necklace is so delicate and lovely and ridiculously affordable. I’d wear it with everything all spring and summer.

With a ten-month-old who’s super into grabbing things right now, I’m all about studs and climbers when it comes to earrings. These are beautiful, eye-catching, and add just the right amount of bling to a casual outfit.

Another great idea is art! I’ve found a whole bunch of floral prints both my mom and I would love above, all for $25 or under. Click through to take a look!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Sounds

I can’t hope to guess what kind of music you or your mother might enjoy, so how about we work on facilitating listening to music? Give mom the gift of music wherever she goes:


These rose gold earbuds are stylish and well-reviewed. I have a similar set in gold, and they work great.

And this bluetooth speaker fits in the palm of your hand but is loud enough to fill a room. Plus it comes in a few different finishes. (The rose gold is pretty, though, right??)

This one’s not so much “music wherever she goes” as it is music in her own backyard. My mom just got a large set of chimes for Christmas, and she loves them. I picked this set of chimes (also comes in a silver finish) for this list mainly because of the listing name on Amazon: WIND CHIMES FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE THEIR NEIGHBORS. I’d probably be worried about bothering my neighbors if I were to get a wind chime, but not with this one! There are a couple of good video reviews on the page so you can hear what they sound like. It says it plays a variation on the G-major pentatonic scale—I’m no musical aficionado, but it sounds very soothing!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Tastes

My mom is a huge chocolate fan, and her absolute favorite chocolatier is Godiva. They’re tough to beat! This box of 27 assorted chocolates is budget friendly and sure to please.

This one I might just snag for myself! Numi Organic Tea’s “Tea by Mood” collection looks awesome. It includes eight “moods”: Breakfast Blend (for Focus), Aged Earl Grey (for Balance), Emperor’s Pu-erh (to Energize), Jasmine Green (to Reflect), Mate Lemon (to Invigorate), Rooibos Chai (to Inspire), Moroccan Mint (to Refresh) and Chamomile Lemon (to Sleep). Both my mother and mother-in-law are tea people, so I know they’d probably love this, too! (My mom’s favorite tea is Revolution’s Earl Grey Lavender, in case that seems more up your alley!)

I’m eager to give this Gin & Tonic Infusion Gift set a try! It’s six specially blended herbal sachets you can use to infuse your gin and flavor your cocktail, which frankly sounds delicious to me. I spent six years on medication that prevented me from drinking any alcohol, so now that I can drink occasionally again, I love trying new things.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Touch

Your mom and mine will love this super soft ombre throw blanket. Isn’t it pretty? It comes in a few other colors, too (love the purple to orange!). Just looking at it makes me want to wrap myself up in a cocoon of fleecy warmth. The throw blanket size I’ve linked to is affordable but still generously sized.

I was first introduced to Ahava dead sea hand cream by my mother-in-law, so you know it’s mom-approved! It makes your hands super soft and has a light and lovely fresh scent.

Oh my goodness, I cannot say enough good things about the Badger brand in general, but I absolutely love their Damascus Rose beauty balm. A couple of years ago, as a complication of my auto-immune disease, I developed allergies to most beauty products and makeup. I had to scrap every product I’d been using since I was fifteen and try to find new products that wouldn’t trigger my allergic response. Badger came to the rescue, and I’ve been using their sunblock, Beauty Balm, and Face Oil for several years now, and they take care of my skin even better than my previous beauty products. I dab a little of the Beauty Balm on my forehead, bridge of my nose, eyelids, under-eye area, and around the creases of my mouth every morning and evening to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles (I’m 30 and it’s working great for me!). It smells gently rosy, and it makes your skin feel really soft and moisturized. Give your mom a treat for her skin!


And that’s a wrap! Which of these gifts do you think your mom will love? Which are you tempted to buy for yourself? Let me know in the comments!


Happy shopping!



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