Fab Friday: Sick Day Self-Care

Happy Friday! I’m thinking I want to introduce Fab Friday as a series where I can recommend something Fab to you all, something beautiful or helpful or whatever that you might enjoy.

For me, I’ve been battling sickness for the last month after my immune system was weakened from a bout of shingles, and on Tuesday night, my current sinus bug struck me hard. I’ve had vicious insomnia since starting antivirals for my shingles outbreak back in January, but come 7:00 pm on Tuesday night, I literally could not keep my eyes open.

So I thought I’d make a Sick Day Self-Care inspiration board for this first Fab Friday, since that’s where I am at. Some of these things are things I’ve found helpful this week, and others are things I wish I’d had! (Click on Continue Reading for links to each item.) Enjoy!

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First, let’s get comfortable. You want a good pair of joggers and a comfy, calming t-shirt. Don’t throw on any ratty old thing. I firmly believe that wearing gross clothes makes you feel even worse when you’re sick. Choose something comfy but that still feels a little more put together.


Add some comfy, warm socks, a cute headband to keep your hair out of your face, and an eye mask to help you catch some extra winks. ThriverDad can attest that I am not a napper, often not even when I’m sick. It’s telling that I’ve ended up taking three different naps this week with my son. Sleep is so very important for healing!

In terms of comfort, there’s nothing like a big, soft blanket. This one is super cute and super soft, and you can burrito yourself in it and scoot around the house like a pro. It’s still winter here for a few more days, and spring is still pretty cold, so grab a hot water bottle and snuggle up. I’ve had chills this week and have found it so difficult to get warm at times. Hot water bottles are a lifesaver, and this one’s adorable!

You might be an essential oils believer, or you might be a naysayer–I personally fall somewhere in between. However, I’ve found myself reaching for my Breathe blend (peppermint, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus) over and over again. I diffuse it and I also mix it with a little fractionated coconut oil and roll it on my chest like vaporub. I don’t get sick of the scent, and it gives me a little sinus and sinus-headache relief. It also helps that the diffuser acts as a humidifier, which can be super helpful when you’re sick.

Speaking of humidifying and sinus relief, I’m dying to give these eucalyptus and peppermint shower tablets a try!

When you’re sick, you want to make sure to stay hydrated. I love coconut water because it’s a natural source of electrolytes, and it has way less added sugar than a sports drink.

Ricola are by far my favorite cough drop brand right now. I had a wicked cough at the beginning of this month and kept going into coughing fits. Literally the only thing that would stop it was popping one of these in my mouth, and it had to be the good, old fashioned, original flavor. I actually really like the way these taste, so no problem there for me.

Finally, I always feel like I’m living in a desert when I get sick. I mean, technically I do live in a desert, but it doesn’t usually feel that way. Blame it on the dehydration, I guess. But good chapstick can go a long way toward making things right again! I’ve used Nivea’s basic moisturizing blend every morning and evening for the last several years, and it keeps my lips baby-soft. I can also say from experience that it can help with skin chapping around your nose if you’ve been dealing with “nose hose” and the dry, red, painful scaling that often accompanies it. Grab some chapstick, but make sure it’s non-medicated, or else it’ll sting like the dickens. (Also: Nivea makes an SPF version, but I am allergic to chemical sunscreens, so I stay away from it. You may want to double check that you have the plain version if you’re sensitive like me.)

That’s my list! What’s on your list? Anything I’m missing? Anything you’d recommend? Let me know!

Wishing you all rest and wellness for your weekend!