March Check-in, April Goals

Happy April, almost! I plan to do a check-in at the end of each month if I can to record my progress and growth (and hopefully find it encouraging!) as I continue to write here at ThriverGuide. If you don’t find this kind of thing interesting, cool. I know I enjoy reading other people’s reports and accounts of what is or isn’t working well for them, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If that’s you, feel free to go read one of these posts instead:


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March Goals:

So I started this blog on March 8, 2018, and a week or so later, I set some goals for myself for the month of March. They were as follows:

  • Get 100 website sessions
  • 15 Pinterest followers
  • 50 Pinterest saves

I felt like these were good, conservative goals that would still require me to focus my efforts and reach for something. I started everything from zero, not even having told my family or friends about this blog or my Pinterest. So I had no audience whatsoever at the beginning of the month and would be building everything from scratch.

So how did I do for the month of March?

March Report:

  • 31 website sessions
  • 13 Pinterest followers
  • 75 Pinterest saves

Lol. Cue the wop-wop trumpets about my site traffic, right? I don’t know where I thought I would get 100 website sessions from, to be honest. I’m not a born networker, and I’m completely new to the niche. This was obviously something I overestimated and need to pay more attention to. More about that in April’s goals below, but here’s the sad Analytics screencap:


Thriver Guide Google Analytics March 31 2018

I didn’t install Google Analytics until March 19, so it’s possible I missed a few sessions, but there’s no chance I missed 70+ sessions, so this is a solid needs improvement situation.

15 Pinterest followers turned out to be a pretty good goal, as I came close but didn’t quite reach it. So yay for being conservative and only failing a little!

75 Pinterest saves was a nice surprise! One of my qualitative goals for the month was to establish myself on Pinterest as a reliable curator, and I feel like I’m doing that pretty well. If I keep up with it, the followers will come. However, I know now that I used the wrong metric for this goal. Pinterest Business accounts break down your stats into viewers and engagements (which include closeups, clicks, and saves). So I hit my save goal for the month, but in the future I’ll be using total engagement goals instead. Here’s a shot of my March 31 monthly overview:

Thriver Guide Pinterest Overview March 31 2018Thriver Guide Pinterest Analytics March 31 2018


By the way, you should totally follow me on Pinterest!

At this point, I’ve been mostly manually pinning, though I’ve been submitting my posts to a few Tailwind Tribes (I only have a trial account to see how I like it). Tailwind definitely expanded my reach, but I’m getting the most consistent results by finding good content and pinning it manually. The Pinterest algorithms seem to be warming up to me.

The biggest hindrance to my progress right now is that I am not yet part of any Pinterest groups. I’ve applied to a few this month, hoping to get accepted to 1-5 of them, but I have heard back from zero people so far. This is something I’m going to be spending a lot more time and attention on in April.

That leads us to…

April Goals:

Quantitative Goals

  • 100 sessions. I’m going to keep this one from last month because I have strategies to use this month to actually achieve it. (Oh dear Lord, I hope I achieve it. I will be so sad if I don’t.)
  • Pinterest follower count up to 35. So another 15 plus 5 more to up things a little from last time (ambitious, I know).
  • 500 Pinterest engagements, which is about double my count for March.
  • Join at least 3 Pinterest groups.
  • 1 Affiliate sale. I theoretically made $0.65 from clicks through Shopstyle Collective in March (won’t be paid until I hit the $100 threshold, so it’ll be a while), but I have yet to see any clicks convert to sales for Amazon or Shopstyle. My money-making goal for the year as a whole is to cover costs of web hosting and the other tools that help me run this site.


Qualitative Goals

  • Keep posting at least twice per week
  • Up my Pinterest game. I’m seriously contemplating investing in Pinterest Ninja to get some help with this. It looks affordable and helpful.
  • Improve site usability (especially mobile)
  • Improve ad placement and quality (in the works)
  • Research and implement strategies for improving click-throughs
  • Connect with more bloggers through Facebook and blog comments


I think that’s it! Happy April (Happy EASTER!) and be sure to come back at the end of the month to see how things are going!






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