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April Check-in, May Goals

Hey hey hey, we made it to May! This little blog is a two-month old! Time for a quick check-in.

So here were my sad 🙁 stats from March:

  • 31 website sessions
  • 13 Pinterest followers
  • 75 Pinterest saves

And here are the quantitative goals I set for April:

  • 100 website sessions.
  • 35 Pinterest followers
  • 500 Pinterest engagements (about double my count for March)
  • Join at least 3 Pinterest groups.
  • 1 Affiliate sale. I theoretically made $0.65 from clicks through Shopstyle Collective in March (won’t be paid until I hit the $100 threshold, so it’ll be a while), but I hadn’t seen any clicks convert to sales for Amazon or Shopstyle.

Reasonable, but still requiring some work. How did I do?

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March Check-in, April Goals

Happy April, almost! I plan to do a check-in at the end of each month if I can to record my progress and growth (and hopefully find it encouraging!) as I continue to write here at ThriverGuide. If you don’t find this kind of thing interesting, cool. I know I enjoy reading other people’s reports and accounts of what is or isn’t working well for them, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If that’s you, feel free to go read one of these posts instead:


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